About Us

Digital Matrix (DigRix) is an Information Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider with a broad range of products and services. The company was envisioned in the year 2010 in order to bridge the gap, which was created by lack of ICT companies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. DigRix strives to facilitate businesses by resolving the challenges created by ineffective Information and Communications Technology (ICT) implementation in the region.

Decoding and integrating information is the key to business success these days; understanding and interpreting data helps in making informed-decisions and enhances the course of your business. DigRix provides you the platform that will optimize your data handling capabilities and provide complete IT solutions to equip you with the right tools allowing your business to operate seamlessly. 

DigRix understands that in a tough and competitive era, businesses need only the best ICT service provider to gain an edge over their customers and to lower their respective operational costs. With our data handling capabilities and ICT strategy, we will help your business outperform its competitors. DigRix understands the mechanics of ICT, which is why we will exceed your expectations.

At DigRix, we offer our clients with long-term prospects and solutions to increase business performance and output. Digital Matrix provides tailor-made solutions by identifying specific business needs for your company and providing a systematic and sustainable solution, which complies with your operational requirements. Our goal is to retain our customers by offering service quality and standard on par with best industry standards.

Our History

Digital Matrix is an entity, which emerged due to lack of competitive IT companies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . Digirix is focused, determined, and keen to provide viable IT solutions in the Arabian Gulf. Digirix is a platform to strengthen business data handling by reinforcing their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) framework. We have helped some reputable companies from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to establish a formidable IT framework in their business, which has significantly increased their output.

Message from the CEO

Digital Matrix is an ambition, to offer best ICT and IT services across all sectors in the Gulf region. We are
not limited to small-scale business operations. Digirix is capable of handling large volumes and has
proved its capabilities in the past by handling huge projects. We are a company that believes in offering
our customers only the best. Our business philosophy is to help our customers increase their revenues
by using our strategies. Unlike other IT companies, our primary motive is to help our customers improve
their business operations and our values help us achieve that. For this purpose, we work round the clock, providing seamless and uncompromised services 24/7.

We are a customer-oriented business and continually aim for higher customer satisfaction. Over the
years, Digital Matrix has made strong relationships with its clientele and are always ready to extend our
services and go out of the way to satisfy our customers.

Our Vision

We want to be listed among the top five leading ICT companies in the Arabian Gulf by the year 2030 by continually providing quality services, which exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Our Mission

The mission of Digital Matrix is to create a revolution; changing the traditional philosophy of the market by extending our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions, which are innovative and add value to our clients’ business. Digirix will achieve its mission by adhering to best industry practices and application of latest innovative solutions. Digirix strives for customer satisfaction and securing the customer’s confidence by demonstrating professionalism and offering quality services, which will help in building long-term relations.
Our Values

The values of Digital Matrix are illustrated in every service that we offer. Our fundamental values can be observed in every facet of our business area and we strive to offer our customers with products and
services that will ease their business operations and increase their Return on Investment (ROI). Our core values are based on three principles:

We believe in treating all our customers with respect and faith. For Digirix, it is an essential value, which is religiously implicated in every business transaction.

Digital Matrix believes in growing by being creative, inventive, and innovative. We understand the rapidly changing and evolving Information Technology (IT) sector. We pioneer in
implementing the latest technology and standards into our practices. Our quick and adaptive nature towards latest technology helps our customers to stay ahead of the competition, as we equip them with trending technological applications.

We believe in business ethics and integrity, which is why we are able to offer products and services that are transparent and concise. Our business practices are based on honesty and
integrity that makes us reliable and dependable.

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